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The datasheet integrated in Ikaros and Isis can be used to generate customized print forms and reports.

mFISH: The single color gallery in Isis displays each single color channel, the fluorochrome profiles, and the DAPI image side by side.

With the relocation system ReloSys metaphases and other objects detected by a Metafer system can be analyzed remotely.

Metaphases on clonal slides are automatically assigned to the respective clones. The clone identifier is transferred to Ikaros after AutoCapt image acquisition.

With the extraordinary LED microscope illumination device high-quality color images in Brightfield are generated.

With the tissue FISH module analysis of cell signals in tissues is very easy. Results are available immediately and can be easily validated.

Patient and image data can be conveniently displayed, filtered, and summarized.


Ikaros System

The Fastest and Easiest Way to do Karyotyping

On-screen karyotyping is a commonly used method for routine diagnostics and research all over the world. The karyotyping system Ikaros combines an intuitive graphic user interface with a variety of powerful tools to provide the flexibility, which is required to analyze even the most complex karyotypes. Ikaros has been developed with focus on security, speed, and ease of use. Designed to minimize the number of interactions, Ikaros ensures amazingly fast results, and is recognized as the fastest system of its kind.

The flexible system architecture of all MetaSystems products simplifies the adaptation of Ikaros stations to your specific working conditions. Ikaros is network-ready and comes as a complete stand-alone system, or as a dedicated workstation either for capturing, analysis, review, or for database maintenance.

General Features

Ikaros is known to be extremely easy, flexible and powerful. The main reason for its outstanding performance is a remarkable collection of intelligent features, which make Ikaros the safest and best system of its kind.

  • Unrivalled user interface
    Ikaros is the perfect tool for routine karyotyping, allowing for an extremely streamlined workflow.
  • Versatile zoom-function
    Free adjustable zoom from 40% to 500% of the original image size is available in live image, separation, and many other functions.
  • Unique safety concept
    The original image with a complete list of all processing steps is stored, and date and time stamps are added to every modification. The standard user login can be amended by secure passwords. User access rights are managed automatically by the software.
  • Comprehensive file management with unlimited undo function
    Original images and processing steps are stored, enabling unlimited verification and correction of any step: even in a non chronological order, and after the image has been saved.
  • Workflow automation
    Customizable command buttons resembling the steps in the workflow enable fast and easy handling. Editable macro commands replace frequently used commands and speed up the analysis.
  • Associated documents
    External documents can be associated with a case to support a paper-free laboratory. Many common file formats (.pdf, .doc, .jpg, .bmp, .tiff...) are supported.
  • Microscope compatibility
    Ikaros is compatible with any high quality microscope that is or can be equipped with a trinocular photo/TV tube.
  • Support of various karyogram layouts for human chromosomes and other species
    A large collection of complete and partial karyogram layouts are at hand, and can be applied to karyograms any time. Karyogram forms and idiograms for other species (animals and plants) are available. The integrated karyogram editor allows the creation of customized karyogram forms.

Image Acquisition and Processing

Professional diagnoses of chromosomal phenotypes require images of highest quality. The unique combination of state-of-the-art image acquisition hardware and software tools for automated adjustment of imaging parameters provides a stable environment for reliable microscopy imaging.

  • MetaSystems CoolCube camera
    The high resolution 1.3 megapixel USB camera is compatible with all MetaSystems imaging products. It is particularly suited to low light level situations and fluorescence imaging. It has an extremely low power consumption, and an optimized housing design which keeps the imaging sensor cool (12-Bit, 15 fps, 1360x1024 resolution, 2/3" sensor).
  • Live image
    Light adjustment is made easy with on-screen illumination aid. Automatic live image contrast ensures optimal results.
  • Focusing aid
    A focusing aid with best-focus acquisition facilitates the easy acquisition of well-focused images.
  • Captured image
    A wide field-of-view reduces the need for additional captures in the case of widely spread metaphases.
  • Automatic image processing after capture
    User-defined automatic processing functions significantly simplify the image enhancement right after capture.
  • Sophisticated tools for image enhancement
    Powerful filtering algorithms (Lower and Upper Threshold, Adjustable Enhancement Filter, Histogram Equalization...), applicable at any stage of image processing, generate perfectly banded chromosomes from even poor images.

Chromosome Separation and Karyotyping

The correct separation and classification of chromosomes is the first step to the analysis of any karyotype. Separating chromosomes usually is an interactive procedure, which requires direct user control. Ikaros has tools which provide best results in an extremely easy way. Since every user has his own way of working, flexibility is the key to highest satisfaction: all tools can be adapted and used in multiple ways.

  • Smart tools for precise chromosome separation
    Object contours are highlighted in different colors to facilitate chromosome separation and distinction between separated and adjacent chromosomes, or overlapping chromosomes in a cluster. Interactive cluster separation by drawing the axis of chromosomes, and automatic separation of overlapping chromosomes speed up the workflow.
  • Easy and fast object checking
    Line-up display of chromosomes enables the user to identify and separate touching and overlapping chromosomes.
  • Rapid chromosome classification and counting in the metaphase
    Chromosome assignment in metaphases and automatic counting of objects facilitate fast classification of chromosomes. Extensive annotation functions with full access to all system fonts and colors are available.
  • Chromosome classification and assignment
    Automatic and interactive chromosome classification and assignment to a variety of different karyogram forms, as well as automatic and semi-automatic counting of chromosomes, make karyotyping fast and easy. User-trainable banding classifiers optimize the classification of chromosomes with various staining patterns.
  • Dynamic karyogram and idiogram forms
    Numerous pre-defined karyogram and idiogram forms for human, animal, and plant chromosomes are available. The possibility to create individual templates with the integrated karyogram form editor makes Ikaros applicable to many different fields of research.
  • Easy comparison of different chromosomes and karyograms
    Chromosome comparison by classes or karyograms facilitates the on-screen analysis of chromosome.
  • Fast reconstruction of aberrant chromosomes
    Aberrant chromosomes can be easily illustrated with the Cut and Join function. The Aberration Module provides the tools for a detailed and comfortable analysis of chromosomes with even very complex structural abnormalities. Idiograms and ISCN formulas of high complexity can be assembled on-screen and then compared to the original aberrant chromosomes. Origins of chromosome sections can be visualized by using colored idiograms.

Reporting and Data Management

Even the best results are worthless if they cannot be stored securely, summarized in a convenient way, and presented to others. Data security and flexible reporting functions are therefore crucial for any professional karyotyping system.

  • Comprehensive patient data management system
    Patient data, images, and other files can be easily managed with the integrated Case Data Management System. Customizable data sheets with searchable fields allow fast navigation and data retrieval. Flexible automatic data import and export or even automated data exchange with external patient management systems is possible.
  • Convenient and safe archiving of images and patient data
    The archiving software MetaArchive (included) offers the most convenient and safest procedures for daily incremental archiving of patient data and images, as well as third party files, to an external archiving media. All new and modified files are automatically identified and archived. Files that have already been archived are not copied again. The original directory structure is replicated on the archiving media, making it easy to locate any archived case.
  • Powerful and flexible report generator
    Result reports based on user defined layout templates can be printed. Reports may include images, text and any patient data field. With the data link to Microsoft WordTM writing result letters / reports becomes an easy task.
  • Multi data retrieval and search possiblities
    The convenient MetaServer / MetaClient software bundle is an integral part of every Ikaros and Isis installation. MetaServer and MetaClient use background processes to automatically collect, sort, and display data generated by all Ikaros or Isis workstations within a network or on a stand alone system. Multiple data retrieval and search possibilities allow for easiest handling of even complex patient databases.

Configuration and Upgrades

Every lab is different and has individual requirements. This is the reason why MetaSystems products are generally based on a modular architecture. There are many ways to configure a multi-user workspace, and with the various system components it is easy to create a system architecture that matches exactly the requirements of your lab.

  • Multi-User / Multi-Site environment
    The unique configuration management allows user specific individualization in terms of style and function. In complex network installations, global settings can be administered by a supervisor account and globalized with one mouseclick.
  • Real-Time access
    Multiple images from the same case can be cooperatively processed at the same time from different locations, enhancing significantly the efficiency.
  • Upgradability
    Being a member of the MetaSystems product family, Ikaros can be easily upgraded with other software modules. Installation of the Isis upgrade module extends the system to FISH imaging capabilities, optionally with color karyotyping and other Isis packages (mFISH, mBAND, CGH or telomere analysis). Integration of Ikaros with the automatic metaphase finderMetaferMSearch provides the ideal solution for laboratories with a high workload. 

The following Ikaros configurations are available:

  • Ikaros Full System
    with PC, camera, printer, archiving software, and peripherals
  • Ikaros Satellite System
    with PC, camera, and peripherals
  • Ikaros Analysis System
    with PC and peripherals
  • Ikaros Capture Station
    with PC, camera, and peripherals (no karyotyping)
  • Ikaros Review Software
    for case and image review 
  • Ikaros Database Software
    for reviewing and editing patients and results data 
  • Ikaros Viewer Software 
    for image viewing

Feel free to request recommendations for the best configuration of your working environment.