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The datasheet integrated in Ikaros and Isis can be used to generate customized print forms and reports.

mFISH: The single color gallery in Isis displays each single color channel, the fluorochrome profiles, and the DAPI image side by side.

With the relocation system ReloSys metaphases and other objects detected by a Metafer system can be analyzed remotely.

Metaphases on clonal slides are automatically assigned to the respective clones. The clone identifier is transferred to Ikaros after AutoCapt image acquisition.

With the extraordinary LED microscope illumination device high-quality color images in Brightfield are generated.

With the tissue FISH module analysis of cell signals in tissues is very easy. Results are available immediately and can be easily validated.

Patient and image data can be conveniently displayed, filtered, and summarized.

Isis - Color Karyotyping Software

Color Karyotyping

Full Karyotyping Functionality for Isis

The Isis Color Karyotyping upgrade adds full Ikaros karyotyping functionality for fluorescence metaphases to any Isis system. Functions like object threshold settings, chromosome separation, chromosome assignment, and  functions for chromosome comparison become conveniently accessible. A comprehensive set of predefined karyogram forms for different species and requirements is provided; additionally all forms are easily modifiable. Any processing step can be undone, and various color display modes provide different views for detailed scrutiny.

The Isis color karyotyping software upgrade is required for multicolor FISH (mFISH), multicolor banding (mBAND), telomere analysis, and comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) with Isis.

  • Full Ikaros karyotyping functionality for fluorescence images
    Object contours in the metaphase are highlighted in different colors to facilitate chromosome separation and distinction between separated, adjacent or overlapping chromosomes. Interactive cluster separation by drawing the axis and automatic separation of overlapping chromosomes accelerate the workflow. Line-up display of chromosomes provides a handy tool to identify and separate touching/overlapping chromosomes. Chromosomes can be easily assigned interactively or automatically,  rotated, mirrored, shifted, cleaned and much more in the karyogram view.
  • Full support of a broad variety of color display modes
    Chromosomes can be displayed in RGB colors, individual colors, modified or merged colors in the metaphase and the karyogram.
  • Comprehensive review tools
    The Combined Karyogram and Karyogram Comparison modes allow easy comparison of the chromosomes of one or several cases. All color display modes are supported in these review functions.